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      Company Profile

      Known as “Number 1 Japanese car’s sensor factory of Chinese aftermarket”, Jinzhou proudly maintains a wide variety of quality products for the export market and OE market. Over the years, Jinzhou has been devoted to Wheel Speed Sensor manufacture. Employee: 43 People Capacity: 700,000pcs/Year Products: Over 1000 kinds of sensor Market: 60% Export to Europe and America...
      Ruian Jinz 足球比分007 Copyright © 2007-2012 All Rights Reserved         Address:Tangxia Industry Zone,Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China
      Tel:0577-65350485      Fax:0577-65362288      WebSite:http://www.abs-sensor.net      E-mail:jinzhouabs@com.cn ..      浙ICP备08000437号-1
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